We process felt and similar products

Cogliati specialises in the production of adhesive felt pads both synthetic and wool, industrial seals, protective shields, hole covers, linings for drawers and other items for industrial purposes.

The technologically advanced machinery, combined with a highly qualified staff, make the services offered by our firm exemplary and satisfying.In addition, our large production facilities enable us to best respond to any type of requirement.

Adhesive felt pads

Cogliati converts synthetic and wool fibers into felt pads of many shapes and thicknesses, that adhere to any material.

Adhesive bumpers

Bumpers are used to cushion the impact and the sound of drawers and doors closing.

Self-adhesive hole covers

Hole covers and adhesive stickers are the ideal solution to cover screws and imperfections of fine furniture.

Glides and anti-slip items

Glides, sliders and under-chair anti-slip products ensure quietness, comfort and shock absorbency capacity.

Industrial seals

Cogliati manufactures products for different sectors, from automotive to furnishings and mechanic industry.


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